How much does BOP cost?

5 Gallon - $135, 10 Gallon - $225, 15 Gallon - $315

*Premium recipes are available at higher cost. 

Are bottles included with the cost of the BOP? 

No, bottles are a separate fee.  You will need approx. 2 cases per 5gallons.

$10/case for 12oz and $15.99/case for 22oz

How do I schedule a BOP appointment?

Please call the store during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. 

How long will I be there?

1st visit (Brewing) - Approx. 2 - 2 1/2 hours

2nd visit (Bottling) - Approx. 1hr.

When will my beer be ready to drink?

Approx.  5-6 weeks from date of brewing depending on recipe.

How many people can come per Kettle?
We recommend no more than 4 people per kettle.  Price is per kettle, not per person.

Can I bring my own recipe?

Yes, as long as it is an extract recipe.  Please call us at least 1week prior to confirm we have the ingredients for your recipe.

What days do you brew?

We brew on Sat. and/or Sun. with the first appointment beginning at 10:00am and the last no later than 12:30pm. 

Do you brew on Weekdays?

Weekdays are reserved for Corporate Events or Groups of 3 Kettles or more. 

Can we drink on premises?

Yes, we have 12 rotating beers on for draft and a large bottle selection to choose from. 

Can I bring my own food?

No outside food please.  We sell food and in order to sell beer on premises we need to sell food as well. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment? 

We ask that you give us 24hrs notice if you will not be able to make your appointment or you may be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.  On the rare occasion that we need to postpone or cancel a BOP, we will give customers at least 24 hours notice as well. 

Can I order a gift certificate? 

Please call during regular business hours to order a gift certificate and we will be happy to process over the phone and hold it here for pick up.  Gift Cards will no longer be mailed. 

What if i misplace my gift certificate? 

Gift certificates work just like cash and expire 1 year from date of purchase; we do not keep record of them. You must have it in hand to use it.